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North Dakota

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Enjoy beautiful natural scenery, wide open lands, historical sites, museums, and natural treasures. Take full advantage of four seasons ranging from fun winter sports to summer activities under sunny skies. Breathe clean air in one of the least polluted states in the US.

With very low crime rates, North Dakota is one of the safest states in the US. The low cost of living combined with the relatively small cities gives you the opportunity to experience a stress-free city life.

North Dakota educational institutions offer some of the lowest tuition and fees. The colleges and universities encourage international enrollment and offer international programs promoting diversity, open-mindedness, tolerance and respect of cultural differences.

Advantages of studying and living in ND

• Safety

• Low cost of education and living

• High standard of education

• Personal learning experience

• Friendly environment

• Low pollution

• Campus employment opportunities

• Low unemployment rate

• Four seasons

• Cultural sites and natural scenery

International Students



Why go to college? Dale J. Stephens, founder of UnCollege, urges high school students to take college as a guided path to success. We all want to be successful. For me, Mayville State University is not only a pathway to success. It is, more importantly, an institution that cares about me, that supports me in reaching my personal goals.

I have experienced this personalized care and attention to a great extent. I am an international student who has found her path of success through Mayville State University's unique education as well as encouraging and compassionate personnel. I invite you to join me in my experience.

Julia Junge Berge

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